4 Activities To Do Between Christmas and New Years

The in-between Christmas and going back to school is always awkward; there was the big excitement of Christmas day and almost a week until New Year. 

The kids and grandkids have been playing with their new toys but eventually will want to start doing something exciting before going back to school.

What are some good activities to do during the period of time between Christmas and the return of school? Don’t worry, we have some inspiration for you. 

Go Explore a New Area

As a family go and explore a new neighborhood or local park. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy a walk around a new area together. This could be during the day, or wait until dusk and find an area that has a bunch of lights to look at. 

Build a Gingerbread House

A great activity that could either get the competition heated up, or have a great teamwork activity is building a gingerbread house.

If you are wanting to a competition then let each participant pick out their gingerbread house and maybe a few extra candies for additional decorations and let the competition begin.

If you are looking for more of a team building activity then I suggest only building one gingerbread house. This will get communication going for the build of the house, and how they want the decorations to look. They can decide to split up the work or work together through the whole project. 

Try Some New Recipes

Food brings people together, and this is a perfect time to try some new recipes, however, we can understand that you don’t want a bunch of sweets in the house.

A great way to try some new recipes without feeling so guilty, is go to the dollar store and find some $1 cookie tins. Go ahead and share these new recipes with family and friends. You can even ask them to give you feedback and share their opinion. 

Learn a New Skill 

It’s so easy to learn a new skill with the help of the internet. Youtube is a great way to learn visually how to achieve a new skill. Find something that you, your kids, and or grandkids would all be interested in learning. 

Get the supplies needed to learn your new skill and pick out a couple of youtube videos that will help you get a good understanding on how to get started in your new skill. A skill is never wasted no matter what it is, so get creative and get learning. 

Do you have anything that your family loves to do during winter break? Let us know some of your favorite activities in the comments.

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