4 St. Patrick's Day Inspired Skincare Ideas

Take care of your skin this St. Patrick's Day with a few skin-friendly ideas inspired by the holiday.

1. Make your own sugar scrub.

All you need are 3 simple ingredients - matcha tea powder, sugar, and coconut oil. In a small bowl, mix together a tablespoon of matcha tea powder and 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Then, slowly add in sugar a little bit at a time until you get to your desired consistency (usually around 3/4 cup).

And that's it. You've got yourself a green sugar scrub perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Why use these ingredients?

Matcha can help prevent signs of premature aging, protect against sun damage, soothe inflammation, cleanse the skin, and help you achieve a glowing complexion. (Plus, it's green.)

Sugar scrubs are generally more mild than other natural scrubs but work just as effectively to help exfoliate your skin.

Coconut oil can help reduce inflammation, keep your skin moisturized, and protect your skin against environmental stressors by acting as a protective layer.

2. Try adding some Irish Sea Moss to your skincare routine.

Irish Sea Moss is a type of red algae that grows in the ocean, and it's something that has been used in a lot of skincare products. Why? Because this type of algae contains many different benefits for your skin.

It can help soothe inflammation, protect your skin barrier, balance oil production, boost collagen production, and help you maintain a healthy complexion.

Because of its highly moisturizing properties, Irish Sea Moss works well for all skin types, but it can be extremely beneficial for combination or dry skin.

So how do you incorporate it into your skincare routine?

You can apply sea moss directly to your skin, but you can also find it in many skincare products.


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3. Add in some bath bombs.

Bath bombs can help hydrate your skin and leave it feeling smooth, soft, and silky. Bath bombs do more than just help your skin glow though, they can also help soothe aching muscles and relieve stress.

If you're looking to relax after a long St. Patrick's Day, try grabbing some green bath bombs from the store or grab some ingredients and make your own!

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using bath bombs as they can cause irritation to your skin.

4. Make a green smoothie.

Healthy skin isn't just about what's on the outside, it's about what's on the inside too. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables can help protect your skin from free radical damage and contribute to your skin's overall health.

Check out Joy Food Sunshine for a delicious green smoothie recipe!

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