7 Tips on Self-Love

There are times when we need a little reminder of how to love ourselves. Loving yourself is a new level of happiness and security that isn’t a want, it’s a need. If you are stuck in a constant loop of always looking down on yourself, it can be mentally draining.

It’s more than just shouting from the rooftops that you love yourself. It’s about celebrating everything that is you. If you’re struggling to try to love yourself from the inside out, take a deep breath in, and try some of these tips!


  1. Perfection is a Hoax

The idea of being ‘perfect’ is a hoax. Perfection simply does not exist. It’s your imperfections that make you perfect. Embrace them. Once you embrace the fact that your imperfections are what make you who you are, you won’t have to live your life comparing.


  1. Day by Day

Your mind, body, and soul should not be on autopilot. It’s hard to force yourself out of a routine after you’ve been doing it for so long. It’s almost as if it is done robotically since you’re comfortable with being bored.

Do something new. Even if it’s simple like taking a new route to work or starting a new hobby. Switch up your day so your brain can take some time off autopilot mode. 


  1. Face The Negatives to Come Out Positive

Negative thoughts have a huge impact on how you accomplish self-love. You need to ask yourself: Are they kind? Is it true? Will these thoughts benefit me in any way?

There are many times when we beat ourselves up mentally with negative thoughts; one of the biggest keys to happiness and self-love is getting rid of those. Try switching those negative thoughts to something more positive, like "I got this" or "I am beautiful."


  1. Remember Who You Are

Along the road, there are many bumps and obstacles, many of which you have come out of stronger than ever. Challenges are your friend, even if at the time they don’t feel like it. During your travels, remember who you are. Remember what you have accomplished and what you have been through to be where you are today.


  1. Happiness Can’t Be Found in A Body Type

Many people are taught early on that you can be happy if you have “this body” or “that look,” but what isn’t taught is that that type of body or that look changes every century. This impossible beauty standard that is being flaunted around is exactly that: impossible.

Happiness cannot be found in a body type or image. It can only be found through self-acceptance. You can still feel safe, successful, and accepted no matter what skin you are in.


  1. Unique Isn’t Bad; It's Wonderful

People have certain things that make them different. It could be your style, your hair, your tattoos, or even your hobby. These things make you special. Embrace them. Don’t hide them in the dark where no one gets to appreciate your creativity. Shine your special to the world.


  1. Talk with Your Inner Dialogue

If your inner dialogue is anything other than loving and supportive, make a change. You should speak to yourself just as you would speak to a friend, sibling, daughter, or mom.

If you wouldn’t tell them, out loud, what your inner dialogue is telling you, sit down with yourself in silence and start to tell yourself just how special you truly are.


 Above all...

Be patient and persistent. Self-Love doesn’t just happen overnight. Over time you will begin to develop a better relationship with yourself. If you start to feel stressed, look back at how much you have accomplished. The farther you get on your self-love and self-acceptance journey the closer you are to being the best version of yourself.

Find the thing that lights up your life and enjoy them. Enjoy yourself, imperfections and all.

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