The Keys to Falling in Love with Your Skin Again

This fall is the perfect time to make sure you have the perfect skincare routine! 
From an effective moisturizer to a hydrating cleanser, skincare should not only be simple, but should also be loaded with healthy ingredients. 

Find the keys to the perfect skincare routine in our Noche word search below. Then, well go over some great tips for keeping skin healthy and glowing this season.

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Here are some other important skincare tips for this season:

1.) Keep Calm & Moisturize

Skin can be greatly be affected by the change in the weather during Fall. Cold weather can dry your skin and cause itching and dry patches. What's the key to overcoming this? Moisturizer. 

You don't need some heavy, sticky moisturizer that goes on greasy, but a lightweight moisturizer that gets the job done. For extremely dry skin this season, we recommend a nourishing and rejuvenating cream like the Caviar Face Cream.

2.) Don't Forget The Sunscreen

Just because it's no longer summer does not mean the sun isn't still out. Sunscreen should always be a a part of your routine no matter the season. 

To protect and hydrate skin all in one step, we recommend the Vitamin C Revitalizing Face Cream which contains SPF10 and goes on smoothly under foundation.

3.) Hydration Never Takes A Vacation

I have said this before, and I will say it again, "Hydration never takes a vacation!" Drinking water is one of the biggest keys to healthy, glowing skin. Drinking water helps to improve skin elasticity and keep cellular processes moving in the right direction.

4.) Keep Everything Clean

From your makeup brushes to your pillowcases, make sure you keep things clean. Avoiding a build up of dirt and bacteria on your beauty tools and sleeping spaces will help to prevent breakouts and acne.

It's also key to keep your face clean. I know-- no brainer, right? You would think so, but the most important part about cleansing your face is to not strip skin of its natural oils. To cleanse skin and remove dirt and excess oil while leaving skin hydrated, we recommend the Vitamin C Micellar Water Cleanser or the Caviar Micellar Water Cleanser.

Micellar water cleansers are fantastic because they require no rinsing and they leave skin feeling silky smooth!

5.) Embrace Facial Oils

Facial oil is an absolute essential throughout all seasons! This helps to keep skin velvety and ready for anything. These can go on under makeup or become a part of your evening routine before bed. 

You want a facial serum that is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. I recommend the Vitamin C Serum. This is a lifesaver!

Happy Fall, Beautiful! Get your glow on!

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