9 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Throughout The Year

Going outside and getting fresh air not only offers mental clarity but a nice adventure. Check out 9 of our favorite outdoor activities!
1. Plant flowers
When that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, getting outside to add more color to your yard is fabulous. If it's a little too cold, simply add an herb garden to your kitchen window.
2. Go on a Picnic
No matter where you live, having a meal in a relaxed spot outside can brighten up any day. It can also help you appreciate what nature has to offer.
3. Yoga
A nice session of yoga under the stars or the sun can be a lovely time of relaxation for the day.
4. Pick fresh fruit
Who doesn’t love apple picking in the fall? If it's Spring, fruits like strawberries and oranges are ripe and ready for picking! Always a cute date idea or quality time to spend with family.
5. Go for a bike ride
Go explore your neighborhood or local park on your bike. Not only will you get a fresh look at your surroundings, but great exercise too!
6. Cleaning
Not only is this wonderful chore done inside, but outdoors as well! Cleaning up the yard or shed will help you feel more organized and one step closer to being ready for what's to come.
7. Celebrate traditions
Celebrate with friends and family! Whether it's a birthday or a holiday, the outdoor world is your oyster.
8. Barbecue
It’s never too early to break out the grill. Why spend your evening cooking inside when you could be enjoying fresh air and even better food?
9. Go for a jog/walk
Switching from running or walking on the treadmill to the back roads of town is a refreshing change. Exercising outdoors is so scenic and can make that workout time seem shorter.
10. Read
A way to relax and unwind from a long week could be reading on your front porch, by the water, or in a hammock. 

What about you? What are your favorite outdoor activities?

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