4 DIY Popsicles Recipes

The summer season brings a lot of yummy recipes along with it. Popsicles are one of those yummy treats of summer. As much as we love different popsicles, we don’t usually make popsicles by ourselves. However, we have brought you some of the most mouth-watering recipes of popsicles which you will have to try, and you won't regret, we promise. Who could resist that yummy, fruity taste of these delicious popsicles? If you are confused about which recipes of popsicles you should try, we have got your back. Here are a few DIY Popsicle recipes for you to try at home this summer.

Creamy Treat

This is my personal favorite, and creamy Popsicle lovers will agree that it tastes heavenly. I love the taste of it and always want to try it during summers. You can use plain Greek yogurt and whole milk to make the creamy Popsicle. You will have minimal water content compared to regular yogurt, and it is also rich in protein. You can also use full-fat coconut milk from a can to make it even healthier. You will have an amazingly soft and creamy texture to treat your taste buds. 

Fruity Popsicle

The most challenging thing about this recipe is to decide which fruit you want in the recipe. You can select any berries if you like, or you can also choose other fruits like kiwi, peach, pineapple, or even banana. Once you have chosen the fruit of your choice, you can start the fruity Popsicle recipe. Add the fruit in your Popsicle mold and then add your liquid and finally add the sweetener, and you have your delicious fruit popsicle with you. It is recommended to add juice instead of any other drink because it adds to the taste, but you can also use milk or even water. 

Mixed Fruit Popsicle

If you are a fan of blending different fruits, this one is for you. You can simply take your favorite berries, mix them, and pour them into the molds to have a mouth-watering Popsicle. It is healthy, refreshing, and delicious for you. Try this one, and you will know how amazing it is. 

Veggie Popsicle 

You might be wondering what kind of a Popsicle is a veggie Popsicle. First, let us tell you that you will love this veggie Popsicle if you are a fan of smoothies. Anything that can make a good smoothie can make a good Popsicle. You don't have to make a whole veggie Popsicle. Try adding a hint of veggies in your Popsicle for starters. Spinach is one of the best options to add in the start as it blends very well in the taste, then you can also add avocados or roasted sweet potatoes. Other recommended veggies include roasted beet and even shredded carrots. Try it at least once, and we are sure that you are going to like it. 

These are some of the basic recipes, and you can add anything according to your creative thinking and have fun with Popsicles.

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