4 Halloween Movies to Watch this Year

For some, the spooky season means spending your afternoons watching your favorite Halloween movies. If you have little ones over, it might not be the best time to break out the classics. You may be stuck wondering what you can put on that is family-friendly!

Sit back, rip open some candy, and make some popcorn because I have a lineup of movies that everyone will enjoy!


Halloweentown Movie - pumpkins in front of building

There are four movies in total that are centered around Halloweentown - an entire world that exists where it's Halloween every day. After learning she's a witch, Marnie is taken to Halloweentown where there are ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, and endless surprises.

Monster House

Monster House movie - DJ looking through window, reflection of scary house

In this animated movie, three young kids believe that the house across the street is alive. With Halloween right around the corner, these kids band together to try to find a way to stop the house before any innocent kids encounter it.

The Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride movie - Victor and Corpse Bride

Two families have arranged Victor and Victoria's marriage. While practicing his wedding vows in the middle of a forest, Victor finds that he's mistakenly asked a dead woman to marry him. She rises from the grave to accept his vows. This animated musical fantasy film is filled with many frightful and funny turns, perfect for the whole family.


Casper movie - Casper the ghost and Kat

Casper is a young friendly ghost who finds friendship with the family who just moved in. Casper's troublemaking uncles cause ruckus throughout the entirety of the film, making for a comedy-drama movie that the whole family can enjoy.

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