5 Meditation Prompts

Life can tend to get pretty hectic with a busy life at home, stresses that come with work, and the stress and anxiety of living in a Pandemic.

You should be taking the time to prioritize your mental health. By adding meditation to your routine, you’ll be able to work on staying calm, focused, and energized.

Meditation is a great practice that helps you focus on your thoughts and how you are feeling. By centering yourself and being with your thoughts, you can better understand where you are and clear your mind of unnecessary or negative thoughts. 

By actively practicing meditation, you’ll be working on getting your mind to the right place.

To get yourself started on mediation or even adding something new into your meditation session, we have five meditation prompts that will have you thinking bigger.

1. Meditate with a Mantra - Having daily affirmations or a mantra can  help us focus on a how we want to feel or view ourselves. It is a way to remind yourself to start thinking about things in a new and more flattering light. It helps to focus on this while in your meditation sessions to narrow in on this new mindset.

2. Do a Body Scan- While working on your breathing, start to focus individually on each part of your body. Start with your feet ad work your way up. Evaluate each section of your body and understand if you are feeling any tension in your body. If you notice that your body is tight and tense, try and soften these muscles and body parts.

3. Reflect on the Day - There are always mini-lessons that we can learn from looking back at our day. It could be something you’ve done well and want to continue to work on or incorporate into your daily routine. It could also be something that you know you’ve been avoiding or haven’t been working as hard on. Whatever you learn from these lessons, be sure to continue to work on them in the following days.

4. Practice Gratitude - “Looking at the beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind” - Amit Ray, a spiritual master.

Gratitude is something that some people naturally have, and it comes easy to them. However, gratitude is also something that we can practice and get better at. By focusing on things that you love in your life, you’ll start recognizing things more and more that add joy and happiness to your life. Overall, this will have you finding these joys not just in your meditation but throughout your day and promoting an overall happier life.

5. Think About What Inspires You - Many people find themselves getting their next best idea while practicing meditation. After you’ve focused your breathing, begin thinking of some things that have sparked your interest recently. Whether it be something you read, someone you admire, some art, or a show that you’ve seen. It could be completely random, but it could spark creativity and help you become more inspired.

We hope that some of these prompts have helped you get some more out of your meditation sessions or have helped you get started. Let us know if any of these stood out to you or any other prompts you use in the comments below! 

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