6 Facts About Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day that everyone can take a step back and truly think about our planet, and hopefully be grateful for everything that it provides for us. The amazing natural resources we’ve been able to use, the habitat that we are able to thrive in, and not to mention the pure beauty of it.

It’s also a day where we can take a look at our habits and find areas that we can improve to be more eco-friendly and eco-conscious. It’s a day where we can learn to do our best so future generations after us can enjoy our beautiful planet.

Ride a bike, plant a tree, recycle, maybe instead of watching that show tonight go for an evening stroll. However, you choose to honor Earth Day it’s a great day to spend a lifetime taking care of our Earth. Before you get busy planning all of your Earth Day activities take a minute to read some of these interesting Earth Day facts.

1. Earth Day was inspired by the Vietnam Protests

In 1970 there were many protests about the Vietnam war, but Wisconsin’s Senator, Gaylord Nelson, noticed there wasn’t any pressure on the government about oil spills, pesticides, and other harmful waste. 

2. The date was chosen to interest college students

Many college students were very active and vocal in the Vietnam protests so Senator Nelson picked a date that fell in between spring break and final exams. That way college students would be able to easily participate while at their colleges. 

3. Twenty million Americans participated in the First Earth Day

There was a lot of participation and nearly 10% of the American population participated in the very first Earth Day. The popularity of the day would quickly push to a global event.

4. Earth Day goes global in 1990

Earth Day got its start in the United States, but 20 years after its start moved to a phenomenon celebrated in almost every country around the world. Denis Hayes is the national organizer of Earth Day events in the US and he coordinated similar events in 141 countries. 

5. Earth Day has its own theme song

There was The Earth Day Anthem written in 2013 by an Indian Poet by the name of Abhay Kumar, and it has been recorded in all the official UN languages. 

6. Each year Earth Day has a new theme

There are different focuses in different years of Earth Day. In the 1990s there was a stronger focus on recycling and global mobilization. In the 2000s it was about clean energy and global warming. This year’s theme is Restore Our Earth, which is meant to promote innovative thinking to help restore our ecosystems.

Let us know some ways you plan on participating in Earth Day this year!

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