6 Ways to Spice Up Your Outdoor Space

The weather is getting better and warmer and it makes us want to bask in the sunlight and get outdoors more. With the idea of being able to see more people, but still, be safe, it’s the perfect time to spruce up the patio or backyard. 

You can make small changes, enhancing the space that you already have that will be a luxurious change, while not breaking the bank. 

Don’t feel limited or even overwhelmed with the outdoor space that you have, you can enhance any space that you do have and can find a lot of things to best utilize your space to what you want to find. 

1. Choose a Color Palette

Bring some fresh, bright colors out into your outdoor space. You might have furniture out there already, so pair the furniture with some colorful decor and pillows. Bring something that with go along with the beautiful sunshine. 

2. Potted Plants

Adding some literal life to your outdoor space is a great way to bring in different colors and smells to your area. You can be really simple and add some planters to your area, or you could get some stuff landscaped and make it very extravagant. Having a couple of pots of plants you really like will elevate the space on its own. 

3. Outdoor Lighting

Such a great way to invest in having a beautiful and fun outdoor space is to invest in some good outdoor lighting. There are many different ways that you can add lighting to your outdoor space, and you can choose how much money you want to invest in the project.

There are plenty of drape string lights that can go all around your outdoor space giving it a starry night feeling. You can also use torches and lanterns to give your space some softer lighting that lines any walkways or garden areas

4. Hammocks and Cozy Seating

Adding a hammock or some type of cozy seating to your outdoor space helps create a special getaway. Somewhere you can go when you’re looking to add some relaxation to the end of your busy day. You can also get decorative with cushions to add or get fun colored hammocks to spice up the area. 

This is one of the biggest things that you could add to the space to really give it a transformation. It also doesn’t have to be the biggest expense. Take some time to hunt out some thrift shops, It doesn’t all have to match perfectly go for a general theme and tie it together with large outdoor pillows. 

5. Fireplace

One thing that always gets me excited about outdoor living spaces in one that has a fireplace. The best times to have is with close friends and family sharing stories and memories while all bonding around one.

Now there are plenty of people that can come in and landscape your space to have an accommodating fireplace, but there are also plenty of simple tutorials that you can find online that you can put in yourself and are budget-friendly! 

6. Outdoor Rug

We want to be able to spice up our outdoor living without having to make a ton of big renovations, and that’s pretty easy when you incorporate a large outdoor rug. It’s a great way to bring some more color into your backyard or patio, but it’s also a really great way to change up space without having to invest a lot of time or money into a project. 

Let us know what new things you have added or are going to be adding to your outdoor space!

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