7 Skin Sabotages to Avoid

You might find yourself getting frustrated when you've spent a chunk of your time figuring out the best skincare routine and sticking to it only to find that you are still having skincare issues. Some habits may seem harmless when you think about it, but they are quietly sabotaging your skin.

Here are seven skin sins you should avoid.

1. Sleeping with Makeup On

We are all guilty of it. You had a long night, and you couldn’t be bothered to wash your face before going to bed, let alone take off your makeup. It happens. However, it can become a bad habit if you do it more than a few times.

During the day your skin comes in contact with dirt, pollution, and unwanted oils. Your makeup tends to trap these pollutants in your skin which can cause your skin to become irritated and inflamed.

Even after a long night, it's important to make time for your skincare routine. If you're really not in the mood, be sure to at least do the basics of removing your makeup, washing your face, and moisturizing.

2. Dirty Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes should be washed at least once a week, if you're using them regularly. Your brushes can gather and hold onto bacteria that can do much more damage than just causing a simple breakout. Consistently using dirty makeup brushes can lead to serious skin infections.

Protect your skin, and make sure you put washing your makeup brushes into your weekly schedule.

3. Smoking

It can be extremely difficult to quit smoking, I get it. But maybe it's time to try. Quitting smoking can help your health in general, but it can also improve your skin's overall appearance.

Smoking can cause your blood vessels to narrow, making your skin more prone to inflammation. It can also cause signs of premature aging, skin pigmentation, and even psoriasis.

If you're really looking to increase your skin's health, quitting smoking can really help.


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4. Skipping SPF

The best way to prevent signs of premature aging is to apply SPF daily. Look for SPF 30 at a minimum to ensure your skin stays protected all day long. Even if you don't plan on being in the sun all day or even if it's cloudy out, you still want to ensure your skin remains protected from damaging UV rays.

5. Popping Zits

It is so, so tempting to sit in the mirror and get rid of those pesky zits. I know, but don’t do it. When you are squeezing the skin, the bacteria in the pimple can just be pushed deeper into your pores, leading to infection, scarring, and even inflammation. Irritating zits can even cause them to linger longer on your skin than if they go untouched.

Using a spot treatment twice a day can help you get rid of those pesky zits without compromising your skin.

6. Product Overload

When using multiple products, it's important to know the ingredients in all of them. Some ingredients can cancel each other out, like benzoyl peroxide and retinol. Using these two ingredients together can actually make both ingredients less effective.

Sometimes using too many products at once can cause your skin to become irritated, doing more harm than good. If you struggle with itchy, red, or flaky skin, this may be a sign that you are using too many. To help reduce inflammation, go back to the basics and start with a simple cleanser and moisturizer.

7. Dirty Hands

When you touch your face with your hands, you're spreading dirt, oil, and bacteria on your face. This can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

It's important to keep your hands clean and only touch your face when necessary, like when you're going cleansing, moisturizing, or going through any other part of your skincare routine.


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