8 Ways to Practice Self-Love

February is the month of love. It's all about showing our loved ones how much they mean to us and showering them with affection. But don't forget to show yourself some love too. With busy schedules and, often times, too much going on, it can be easy to forget about prioritizing ourselves over everyone else.

This month, take time to show yourself some love with these 8 tips:

1. Start your day with some positive affirmations. The best way to start your day is with positivity. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that "today's going to be a good day and you can do anything."

2. Step outside your comfort zone and try something new. There is a big world out there full of new things to try and new paths to explore. Get out there and experience them.

3. Realize beauty isn’t definable. Social media has been known to portray a lot of unrealistic beauty standards. Don’t let those falsified images impact your relationship with your body. You are beautiful just the way you are.

4. Write everything down. A great way to let your emotions and thoughts out is just to write them all down. Writing can help you gain clarity about how you're feeling or what you're thinking, and it can even help you solve a problem or feel better.

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5. Stop making comparisons. There is no one else like you on this earth so stop comparing yourself to others. The only comparison you should be making is if you're a better you than you were yesterday.

6. Give yourself 10 minutes everyday to just relax. It’s nice to have some time to yourself every once in a while. Try to make it a habit to relax for at least 10 minutes out of the day. Take deep breaths, meditate, and just reflect on the day. This will allow you to refocus your energy and center yourself.

7. Don’t believe everything that you think. We are our own worst enemy and harshest critic. The more positively you talk to yourself, the better you'll feel.

8. Embrace and love what makes you different. As cliché as this all sounds, the world would be incredibly dull if everyone was the same. There are so many things that make you unique and make you stand out from everyone else. Start being proud about what makes you you.


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