Foods High in Vitamin C


Getting enough vitamin C is important for maintaining good health. It plays a big role in helping your immune system function properly, producing collagen, and healing wounds.

The daily recommended amount of vitamin C is around 75-90 mg per day. Some people can experience a vitamin C deficiency, so it's important to make sure you're getting enough from your diet.

I've gathered a list of foods that are very high in vitamin C that you can add to your daily diet, if you don't know what to eat or you're trying to shake things up.


  • Rose Hips

This specific fruit is a three-for-one deal. Not only does it have vitamin C, but it also has vitamin B and provitamin A. It is important to remove the seeds before eating these fruits, since they are covered in hairs that can be irritating and can cause unpleasant reactions to your body along your digestive tract.

Rose hips contain about 541 mg of vitamin C per cup.

Typically, they are not eaten fresh but instead cooked with sugar and made into syrups, jellies, or even soups.


  • Sweet Yellow Peppers

One large yellow pepper is said to provide 342 mg of vitamin C. This is the highest volume of vitamin C amongst all sweet peppers.

You can toss yellow peppers in a salad, dip them in hummus, or even stuff and bake them.


  • Parsley

Along with 5 mg of vitamin C per tbsp., parsley also contains vitamin K and antioxidants. Parsley has also been known to assist with iron absorption.

This herb can be used as a garnish or flavoring. 


  • Acerola Cherries

Acerola cherries are great for boosting your immune system and your brain power. One cup of these cherries contains about 1,700 mg. You'd have to eat 16 cups of oranges to get the same amount!

These delectable cherries can be eaten raw or cooked.


  • Chili Peppers

One green chili pepper contains 109 mg of vitamin C, while one red chili pepper contains 65 mg. These peppers are known to carry vitamins A, B, and E.

These can be eaten raw or thrown into a dish that is baked, fried, grilled, or steamed.


  • Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a sweet fruit, packed with vitamin A and high in fiber. It also contains about 17 mg of vitamin C per slice.

Even though most people eat it sliced or cubed, you can also throw it into a salad or chill it for soup.


  • Oranges

You probably think of oranges when you think of vitamin C. However, oranges don't contain nearly as much vitamin C as some other fruits and vegetables do.

Oranges contain only about 50 mg of vitamin C, but it's still enough to get you on your way to consuming the correct amount of vitamin C per day.

These fruits can be used in desserts or savory dishes, used as a garnish, or eaten fresh.


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