Fun Halloween Crafts That Double as Décor

Happy Halloween!

When it’s time to decorate for holidays, it’s hard not to feel the pressure of needing everything to look perfect. The best decorations don’t need to be hundreds of dollars or store-bought when you can make beautiful ones from the comfort of your home. We have made it even easier by curating a list of inexpensive and easy DIY Halloween decorations. Grab a glass of hot apple cider and get to crafting!

Painted Skull

painted skull\

Visit your local discount store and purchase a Styrofoam skull. You can hand paint, spray paint, and put glitter on the skulls to make them stand out!

Balloon Ghosts

balloon ghosts

For this craft, blow up a white balloon and attach white streamers to the bottom. Use a sharpie marker to draw eyes and a mouth on the balloon.

Painted Pumpkin

painted pumpkin

Are you tired of the mess carving pumpkins leaves behind? Go for a more sophisticated look and paint your pumpkins!

Spider Web Glasses

spider web glasses

Buy a few plastic or glass cups from the discount store and use Sharpie paint pens to make beautiful spider webs!


These decorations are sure to impress your friends and family on Halloween. Let us know in the comments if you have any other fun crafts you like to do to get in the spooky spirit!


Skull and Ghost Balloon Oprah Daily

 Spider Web Glass Good House Keeping

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