Keeping Your Skin Hydrated This Summer

Hello lovely ladies!

Ava-Ann here, and I am so thrilled to dive into another segment of Ask Ava-Ann. Today, we’re addressing a fantastic question from our dear friend, Karen.

With summer just around the corner, Karen is looking for ways to keep her skin extra hydrated. She also mentioned her love for swimming in her saltwater pool. Karen, you’re speaking my language! I adore pool time too, and you're on the right track! It’s essential to give our skin some extra TLC as we prepare for the warmer months.

Even though it’s still May, now is the perfect time to start thinking about summer skin care. A little prep work now will help your skin stay hydrated and radiant when summer finally arrives.

Hydration 101: The Basics

Hydration is key for glowing, healthy skin. And as we age, our skin needs a bit more help to retain moisture. The good news is, with a few simple steps, you can keep your skin looking fabulous all summer long.

🥤 Step 1: Drink Up!

I know it sounds basic, but water is your skin’s best friend. Keep a water bottle with you and sip throughout the day. Think of it as feeding your skin from the inside out.

🧴 Step 2: Choose the Right Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturizers, not all are created equal. Look for products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid (fancy term for a moisture magnet), glycerin, and ceramides. These help your skin lock in moisture. Apply your moisturizer right after showering or washing your face to trap that extra hydration.

🍊 Step 3: Serum Love

Serums are like a big drink of water for your skin. Use a hydrating serum before your moisturizer. I personally swear by our Noche Vitamin C Serum. It’s lightweight but packs a punch in the hydration department.

☀️ Step 4: Don’t Forget Sunscreen

This is non-negotiable, ladies. A broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 will protect your skin from those harsh UV rays, which can dry out and damage your skin. Reapply every two hours, especially if you're swimming.

And if you're feeling crafty, you can even make your own sunscreen! Check out our blog on DIY Sunscreen Recipes for some fun and effective options.

Special Tips for Saltwater Swimmers

Karen, since you mentioned your love for saltwater swimming, here’s a little extra advice:

  1. Rinse and Repeat: After your swim, rinse off the saltwater as soon as possible. Salt can be drying, so removing it quickly will help keep your skin hydrated.

  2. Moisturize Post-Swim: Apply a good moisturizer immediately after you rinse off. Your skin will absorb it better while it’s still damp.

  3. Hydrating Masks: Treat yourself to a hydrating mask once or twice a week. It’s like giving your skin a tall glass of water.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Fun

Hydration doesn’t have to be complicated, and it certainly doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Enjoy the process and make it part of your self-care routine. Your skin will thank you with that beautiful, dewy glow.

And remember, the difference between dry and dehydrated skin matters. Dry skin lacks oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water. So, even if you have oily skin, it can still be dehydrated. (Check out our recent blog post for more details on this topic!)

Karen, I hope these tips help you enjoy your summer to the fullest while keeping your skin happily hydrated. Here’s to many sunny days and refreshing swims!

Stay fabulous, everyone!


P.S. If you have any more questions or need personalized advice, don’t hesitate to email me at I’m here to help you shine!


  • Molly, thanks so much for your lovely words! Keep glowing!

    Ava-Ann at Noche Skincare
  • I absolutely love all your products but am especially blown away by the Vitamin C Serum! For years folks have been telling me I don’t look my age (72). I have been using the C Serum for years and only now seeing some wrinkles .. but not very many! I’ve told anyone who would listen about this Serum and have even given them a bottle out of my own stash! You will always find a full bottle (or two) in my house. I just recently bought some of your other products and hope to see some stunning results from those products. I don’t ever want to run out of this product!!

    Molly Barrett

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