Memorial Day Weekend Skincare Guide

Memorial Day is, above all, a day to remember and honor those who fought for our country. But it's also the unofficial kickoff of summer (even though it's not for about another month) which means...a lot of people are going to be spending this weekend outside. I definitely am.

Whether you're at the beach, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying a cookout with friends and family this weekend, make sure you're doing what you can to keep your skin protected and help maintain your glow.

Tip #1: Lather on the sunscreen!

You're probably thinking I mention it too much. But you'd be surprised at how many people don't actually regularly use sunscreen.

Less than 30% of women wear sunscreen when they're outside for more than an hour. After just 20 minutes of being outside without sunscreen on, you're increasing your risk of UV damage and skin cancer.

Tip #2: Stop sweating.

Sweat happens. You can't exactly stop sweating. But it's not necessarily great for your skin. An excess amount of sweat can clog your pores, increase inflammation, and increase your chance of getting breakouts.

During the summer, the weather's usually warmer which means if you're spending a lot of time outside, you're sweating a lot more often. To help reduce the amount of sweat on your skin, try blotting away excess sweat whenever you can.

Tip #3: Drink more water.

You're more likely to become dehydrated when it's hot outside so it's important to make sure you're drinking enough water to combat dehydration.

Dehydration doesn't just affect your body, it affects your skin too. If your skin is dehydrated, you might notice itchiness, dullness, or more noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. For your skin's sake, make sure you're drinking enough water.

Tip #4: Moisturize after a long day out in the sun.

After a long day spent out in the sun, it can be tempting to want to skip your entire skincare routine. But it's really important to make sure you moisturize your skin.

Prolonged sun exposure can dry out your skin and break down your skin's barrier. When you moisturize your skin, you're helping to rehydrate it and lock in essential nutrients from the rest of your skincare products that really help the overall health of your skin.


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