Teaching Your Kids to Pack Their Lunch

Packing your kids lunch always takes up too much time, especially after a long, busy day. Now, before the craziness of a brand new school year is the perfect time to get your kids learning the skill. 


While the kids are still home, take some time to make lunches together. Start with some of the classics, like peanut butter and jelly, then move on to trying some of their favorites. 

Set Standards

Make sure you set ground rules as to what needs to be in a lunch to be considered a lunch such as: one sandwich, a drink, a treat, and fruits and veggies. These are standards that you will set with your kid. 

Make Sure the Right Food Available

You have to make sure that you have the food you want your kids packing each night. Your kids won’t be able to do their own grocery shopping and they won’t be able to cook their food. You also want them to have a big enough selection and variety so the kids don’t have to pick the same thing every day.

Also, if there is ever something that they shouldn’t eat, make it easy for them to know. Don’t just assume that they’ll know, stick a quick note to know that something is for you, or for dinner later on. 

Build it Into the Routine

Find a time that fits into you and your kids or grandkids schedule. If your kids wake up early, then maybe having it in the morning fits best for you. However, if your mornings are often hectic it’s best to set lunch making times to right after dinner. That way it’s finished easily and ready to grab in the morning. 

Have a Set Lunch Making Station

Be sure to have the proper supplies in a clear spot that your kids know. That way they can retrieve the supplies, but also put them back when they come home. Make sure they know where all the 

Check Kids’ Work

Even though the kids are making their own lunches, it doesn't mean that they can have whatever they want. Have them every morning or every night, whatever best fits into your schedule, show you their lunch. This way you know that they are having a nutritious lunch every day. 

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