What Can Body Milk Do for My Skin?

Hey, Beautiful! Let's talk body milk. First of all, what even is body milk?

Body milk is actually pretty similar to lotion. They're both created by combining water, oil, an emulsifier, and other moisturizing ingredients to help keep your skin soft and smooth. The main difference is that body milk is more lightweight and thinner than lotion.

Body milk is known for its more pourable or "milk-like" consistency and fast absorption into your skin. And it's typically less greasy than lotions.

Lotions tend to have a thicker consistency and take more time for your skin to absorb it completely. However, lotions typically keep your skin hydrated for longer, so it can be a better option if you have severely dry skin.

So are there any real benefits of including body milk in my daily skincare routine?

Absolutely. Body milk (like lotion) is recommended for daily use and may be best used after showering to provide your skin with ultimate moisturization. And yes, it has amazing benefits for your skin too:

  • Soften Rough Skin

They can help soften that sandpaper feel on rough hands, elbows, knees, or dry legs after shaving. Lactic acid is commonly found in body milks and lotions because it works well to promote the shedding of dead skin cells and gently eliminate their buildup.

  • Re-Hydrate

If you find that your skin is dehydrated, body milk or lotion can help by allowing your skin to seal in more moisture and prevent water loss. They can also prevent your skin from drying out by providing a protective layer on your skin, helping to fight off environmental stressors and harsh weather.

  • Smooth Calluses

If you're on your feet quite a bit, you may experience calluses. Body milk or lotion can help by exfoliating the dead skin cells on your feet, revealing softer, smoother skin underneath.

  • Help You Relax

Take a few minutes to pamper yourself with a massage. The soft and gentle feel of body milk or lotion combined with firm massaging movements can help you relax while also promoting healthy skin.


If you're not already, make sure you include a lotion or body milk in your daily skincare routine to help maximize your skin's overall health and increase your skin's hydration. You can even try out our newest product, Fresh Collagen Body Milk, to help boost collagen and improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. (Plus you'll get all the other added benefits along with it too.)


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