What's in My Fall Makeup Bag?

Hello, makeup mavens and fellow beauty enthusiasts! As we bid farewell to the warm days of summer and welcome the crisp, colorful embrace of fall, it's time to transition our makeup routines to match the season.

Just as we update our wardrobes with cozy sweaters and earthy tones, our makeup bags also deserve a seasonal makeover. Join me as I dive into the contents of my fall makeup bag and discover the must-have products for a radiant autumn look.

1. Swap Lightweight Foundation for Hydrating Formula

Summer calls for lightweight, oil-controlling foundations, but fall is the time to embrace more hydrating options. Trade your matte summer foundation for a moisturizing one that provides coverage while keeping your skin hydrated in the cooler, drier weather.

2. Say Goodbye to Bright Eyeshadows, Hello to Warm Tones

Summer's bright and vibrant eyeshadows are perfect for beach days, but fall calls for warm and earthy shades. Remove those pastels and neon hues from your eyeshadow palette and replace them with rich browns, burnt oranges, and deep burgundies. These colors are perfect for creating cozy fall-eye looks.

3. Store Away Neon Lip Colors for Deeper Shades

Summer's neon pinks and coral lip colors can be swapped for deeper, more dramatic shades in the fall. Think berry, plum, and deep red lipsticks. These hues not only match the fall foliage but also add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

4. Transition Your Blush from Bright to Rosy

Bright, summery blush shades can be replaced with rosy, natural tones for the fall. A subtle flush of color on your cheeks will give you that just-came-in-from-the-crisp-air glow.


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5. Replace Sun-Kissed Bronzer with Warmer Tones

While a sun-kissed bronzer is perfect for summer, fall calls for a warmer, more intense bronzer. Opt for shades that mimic the warm, golden tones of autumn.

6. Lighten Up Your Fragrance

Transition from light, citrusy scents to warmer, cozier fragrances that embrace the essence of fall. Notes of vanilla, cinnamon, or cedarwood are perfect for this season.

7. Trade Light Nail Colors for Rich Fall Shades

Summer's light, pastel nail colors can be replaced with richer, deeper hues like deep burgundy, forest green, or warm taupe. These shades will complement your fall makeup looks.

8. Retire Oil-Controlling Powders for Setting Spray

Summer's oil-controlling powders may not be as necessary in the cooler fall weather. Swap them out for a setting spray that will help your makeup stay in place despite brisk winds and potential drizzles.


With these changes, your summer makeup bag can seamlessly transition into a fall beauty arsenal. Embrace the rich, warm colors and cozy fragrances of autumn, and you'll be ready to welcome the season with confidence and style.



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