4 DIY Mother’s Day Presents

The way to Mom’s heart is through a homemade present - a gift that is made just for her made by the little hands she cherishes the most! Even if you aren’t crafty, there are still many different things you can make with items that are mostly found around the house. Pull out the craft bin and the paper! It’s time to have some fun creating a gift and a memory to last a lifetime.


  1. Handprint Bouquet

You’ll mostly need your paint, a canvas, some paper, scissors, wooden dowels, and glue. A full tutorial can be found on Craft Project Ideas. Paint the canvas with the color of your choice. Apply paint to your hand and press it onto the normal paper. Cut out each handprint and glue them onto the dowels. If you’d like, add on green fuzzy sticks for the stems. Put the flowers onto the canvas with a hot glue gun. Voila! A bouquet that can never wilt.


  1. Appreciation Jar

For this DIY, you’ll need a clear jar of some sort. If you don’t have any laying around the house, you can typically find them at second-hand shops for cheap.  Grab construction paper (Mom’s favorite colors) and write down all the things you appreciate about her. This way whenever she is feeling down, she can grab a paper out of the jar and smile at the things that were written down by you.


  1. Recreate Memories

Grabbing the photo album that holds so many cherished memories and happiness, find a few pictures that are easy to recreate. If you have siblings, make sure they join in for the fun! Dress in clothes and styles similar to the ones that you wore in the picture and pose the same exact way. Not only is this fun for you, but it will give Mom a laugh and another memory to cherish when she sees the new pictures printed side by side the old ones.


  1. Notebook Key Chains

Shrinky dinks can be used for this project after making a big comeback into the craft world recently. Using a piece of the shrinky dink plastic, draw one line from the top to the bottom in red and then blue lines across to mimic notebook lines. Let the kids write a letter to mom on the plastic, then they can sign and date it at the bottom. Make sure to punch a hole in a corner before placing it in the oven to shrink! Once shrunk you can attach a keychain!

A picture of this can be found on: Teaching In Stripes

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