May Makeup Declutter Tips

When was the last time you did a makeup declutter? Even though cosmetics are meant to enhance beauty, if you look in many makeup drawers or bags, it’s not a pretty sight.

Many of us are guilty of keeping a dried-out lipstick or an empty tube of foundation for longer than necessary. This leads to wasted time sifting through the old makeup just to find the new. Not to mention that keeping old makeup is bad for your health since it is more prone to bacteria buildup.

Start your May Makeup Declutter with these tips!


Out with The Old

Many liquid products need to be thrown out within six months of opening them. Other makeup items can last through a year of use before they are deemed expired. If you’re not sure when the item was purchased, but you know it has been longer than a few months, toss it! It’s better to be safe.

If you look at your products, there is a high chance that they have an expiration date written on them to help eliminate confusion on whether or not they are still safe to use. Go through each piece of your makeup, one by one, checking over the dates and throwing out the ones that are no longer good.


No Use

It’s time to say goodbye to any products you will never use. We are all guilty of buying something or receiving something in a subscription that we know will never get used. It could just be that we don’t like the color, texture, or scent of it. If you haven’t used it since it was received, I think it is safe to say that it will not be used in the future!

If it is not expired, you could find non-profits locally that could benefit from unused, or lightly used, makeup products.


Hoard No More

Whether you ripped it out of a magazine, got it handed to you while walking in the mall, or snagged one from a hotel, toss them out! If you don’t plan on using the samples, they are just taking up room in your bathroom, makeup vanity, or junk drawers.


Clean and Sanitize

Once you have your space or bag cleaned out, you can begin cleaning. Some people don’t know, but dust, dirt, and bacteria can settle on makeup brushes and tools which can cause you to break out.

You can clean them by using a makeup cleanser or gentle soap and water. This isn’t just for your brushes and sponges, either. Make sure to wipe down any compact mirrors and makeup organizers.


Storing Makeup, The Right Way

There are three important things when it comes to making sure your makeup is stored correctly.

One, your makeup can not be left in sunlight. It can fade the colors in your makeup and melt cream products.

Two, humidity is bad. Leaving your products in a hot and humid environment, like the bathroom, increases the speed for bacteria to grow which will result in a shortened shelf life.

Three, avoid leaks and prevent your products from going bad by making sure all your caps and lids are airtight.


Now step back and be proud of a job well done!

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