5 4th of July Activities

As one of America’s biggest holidays, there is an abundance of different activities you can bring the family along to do!

As many of us know, there are not enough hours in the day, so you might find yourself running late on your holiday plans. Well, you’re in luck.

I've found some great ideas to help you celebrate the day away! Whether you are staying local, traveling, or just staying inside, there is an option for them all!


  • Barbecue

This one may be a given. Typically, when we think about the 4th of July, we know we are in for a special treat of delicious grilled foods and some tasty desserts.

Decorate your house or backyard with decorations and invite the family over for some food, games, and drinks as you take in America’s birthday.


  • Sparklers

With little ones around, fireworks (that aren’t done professionally) may not always be the safest option. Try out some sparklers instead. The kids (and adults) can spend the night using the smoke from the sparklers to draw in the night sky.


  • Parade

Many towns or local communities will hold a parade of some sort filled with red, white, and blue. This is a perfect opportunity to take the kids or the grandkids out to see the city and stock up on some tasty treats while you watch the various floats and cars drive by.


  • Themed Cocktails

If you don’t feel like leaving the house because you'd rather just spend a cozy day inside, I've got you covered.

Get inspired by some July 4th themed cocktails and invite a few friends over to try or simply enjoy them yourself.


  • Watch Hamilton

Hamilton is a musical that brings to light culture and politics, while providing you with a blend of different music genres including jazz, R&B, and hip-hop. This musical is a must-watch, especially during this holiday weekend!


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