5 Self-Care Ideas to Try This Week

How are you feeling today? Tired because it’s only Wednesday? Stressed because work or kids are making life just a little bit too hard lately? Anxious because you can’t seem to get your mind to stop racing about anything and everything.

You’re not alone; now more than ever, people have many more feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, and it’s completely normal.

However, even those these are normal feelings; it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t work on improving them and actively working on ourselves and our emotional state. A great way to check in on ourselves and give us a much-needed break is to incorporate self-care into our schedule. 

Self-care can range to many different things, and it could be something small that you do during a certain point of your day, but it could also be a bigger activity at the end of your week that gives you something to look forward to. 

We want to give you some ideas and inspiration on ways to practice self-care, and we encourage you to try at least one of these this week!

1. Listen to Relaxing Music or Soothing Nature Sounds

Rain sounds, wind chimes, ocean waves crashing, thunderstorms, some of your favorite soft music - anything relaxing to your mind and body and what you enjoy. 

This one is so easy to accomplish, just look on YouTube, and they have so many different sounds to select from, some with different scenery so you can transport yourself anywhere in the world. 

2. Take a Nap

One of the best feelings in the entire world is taking a nap and not having to worry about how long you can nap for. 

No alarms, no one coming to wake you up to get ready for your next task. Just your body letting itself naturally recover and let itself wake up. 

3. Take a Hot Shower or Bath 

There is something about hopping into a nice hot shower or bath and feeling your entire body warm up and be surrounded by the calming warm feeling. 

To make your experience even better, you can add candles of some of your favorite smells or add essential oils to your bath or under your shower head. 

4. Buy Yourself Flowers 

You don’t need to wait for anyone to buy you flowers; you can go and get ones that speak to you and fill your home with beautiful sights and lovely smells. 

It’s something small but could lift your mood and spirits.

5. Have a Mani-Pedi 

Treat yourself and take good care of your feet and hands; they do a lot for you. 

Get the complete treatment! Scrub, massage, exfoliate, masks, polish, the whole nine yards. It may be a bit of a splurge, but it’s priceless for your mental health. 

There are so many different self-care methods, and there are plenty of other ways to incorporate even a couple of minutes of them into your routine. 

Do something this week for you because self-care is not selfish. 

Let us know in the comments some of your favorite self-care methods.

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