6 Spring Cleaning Tips

There are finally some signs that springtime is right around the corner. It’s warming up, and wit's so exciting to have some sunshine and signs of warmer times finally. When I finally feel spring in the air, there is one thing I strangely love to do, and that’s opening all my windows, playing music, and spring cleaning my whole house. 

I’ve collected some tips from professional house cleaners to help you get inspired best to do a spring cleaning in your own home. 

Go Room by Room 

Breaking projects into smaller sections helps make the daunting task of cleaning the whole house into little bite-sized pieces. 

Make a Playlist

One of my favorite things about cleaning is being able to blast my favorite songs. If you are picking upbeat tempos, it’ll have you working faster and harder, plus it’s always fun to sing along while no one is watching.

Start by Doing the Worst Thing

If you start with the worst thing, then everything else will be easier to compare. Beginning with the nastier or more difficult task will make it so much easier to continue working without feeling as burnt out. 

Don’t get Overwhelmed

Spring cleaning is a time for a refresh to make yourself feel more comfortable and at ease in your home with the season’s change. You’ve been cold and cooped up all winter. It’s a great time to celebrate the temperature change.

It’s not meant to be a time of great stress. You set your pace and your timeline, but also be kind and understanding to yourself. 

Take Breaks and Drink Water

Cleaning takes a lot out of you, especially if you are making it an all-day thing. You’re making repetitive motions and putting your body in awkward positions, and bending up and down all day long. When you start feeling tired or even sore, you need to be sure you listen to your body and take needed breaks. You’re in control of the cleaning schedule, so it’s okay if it takes a little longer.

Be sure to be paying attention to your body’s needs while cleaning. It’s easy to forget to hydrate, so make sure to give yourself water breaks while cleaning constantly.

Make a List

Before you start the enormous task of cleaning your house, take a walk around your home and make a list of the projects you want to do. Organize what you’ll start with, first putting the hardest things mixed with some easier things up first. Once you complete a task, physically cross the item off the list to boost your morale. 

Figure out everything that you are hoping to accomplish with your spring cleaning 

Share any other tips and tricks that you have for cleaning your house below!

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