6 Summer Cocktails to Share with Pops

Summer and Father’s Day is upon us, and we are trying everything in our capacity to beat the heat. We go swimming, use air conditioners and stay hydrated. However, the best way to keep cool in this scorching heat is to drink some extra cool drinks. Let us tell you that there is nothing better than a fruity, herby drink, especially one shared with that father figure in your life. Here are some of the best summer cocktail recipes.

  1.     Pina Colada

While talking about the most popular cocktail recipes, a classic pina colada tops the list, and you will get the optimal blend of lime, rum, coconut, lime, and pineapple. Just blend these ingredients with some ice, and you have the perfect drink for a hot and humid day. Enjoy with a little umbrella on top of it.

  1.     Watermelon Martini

Watermelon is, without a doubt, the best treat of the summer. Hence, a drink made of watermelon is going to make you feel cool in this warm weather. You can easily make this refreshing drink with simple ingredients like a sweet melon with tangy lime and vodka. Just try this once, and you will realize how important it is for summer.

  1.     Ranch Water

That is another exciting drink for you in this weather which is called Ranch Water. It is also known as the unofficial drink of West Texas. It is made with lime juice and Toppo Chico with a hint of tequila. It tastes a little like a classic margarita, but it is bubbly and lighter than a margarita. A sip of this drink will make you fall in love with it, and you will like to drink it all summer.

  1.     Limoncello Spritz

If you are a fan of pure lemon, this spirit is for you. It is bubbly Italian liquor that is primarily drunk as after-dinner shots, but we also use it to make cocktails. It tastes best when mixed with other drinks but using it separately is just as amazing. This drink gives you a spin on the Aperol spritz, full of bright lemon, and the flavor is just yum.

  1.     Manhattan Ice Cream Float

Honestly, ice cream and summer are the best combinations. We even look for drinks with ice cream floating on it, which are for ice cream flavors. You can make your ice cream for this one by simply blending vanilla ice cream with bourbon and uses a high-quality black cherry soda.

  1.     Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry is my personal favorite, and anything with strawberry in it just gets better and better. The strawberry daiquiri is the drink for you if you are also a fan of strawberry-related edibles. The best strawberry daiquiri has the full flavor of strawberry, but it is never too sweet and has a balanced taste of tart lime and berries.

Cheers to Dad! Let us know what your favorite summertime cocktail is in the comments.

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