6 Things to Do on Father's Day

Even though we should show appreciation every day of the year, Father’s Day allows us to go all out for our father figures! You can always buy gifts and cards, which are appreciated and loved, but you could also plan an eventful day filled with activities that involve spending time with each other.

The following ideas can be done whether you have a few hours to celebrate or the entire day. You could even add them to your family traditions each year!


  1. Outdoor Movie Night

Pull out the white sheet, the projector, and all the popcorn you can eat. If you have outdoor furniture, you can set it up in front of your make-shift screen. Grab Dad’s favorite candy, his favorite movie(s), and his favorite drink. Sit back, relax, and let your dad obsess over this Outdoor Movie Night!


  1. Dreams Come True

I'm sure there’s something that you've always dreamt about doing, whether it be owning a specific pet, driving a sports car, or visiting someplace special. For your dad this Father's Day, try to make it come true, just for the day! Visit an exotic pet store, rent his dream car for a day, or plan a trip for him to visit his place of choice.


  1. Tackle a Task

If your dad is a hands-on person, help him complete a task he started! If he’s been working long hours in the garage or outside trying to build something, you can help by giving him an extra hand. You both may learn something new during the day.


  1. Adventurous Dinner

Try a new dinner recipe. If you can’t travel, you can always bring the traveling to your own kitchen! For Father’s Day, try out a new recipe with a dish from around the world. You can find a variety of options on Insanely Good Recipes.


  1. Memory Lane

Start the day by sitting down for breakfast and asking Dad about all the childhood memories he can think of, and then try to recreate those memories. It can range from going fishing, camping, eating certain foods, or just playing a game of soccer in the backyard.


  1. Compete

As we know, dads can be very competitive. Plan a day filled with games or sports he loves, and get the whole family to join in. Don’t go easy on him though!

Whatever you plan on doing for Father's Day, be sure to have fun and stay safe!

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