6 Tips on How to Walk More

In this day and age, we spend more time sitting than getting up and stretching out our legs. This has everything to do with work, commuting, or being in front of our televisions/computers at home. Having such a sedentary lifestyle affects your health negatively. It can be scary to just jump back into a routine of working out, even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day. Try some of these tips to make it fun as you do it.


  • Walk and talk: If you have important phone calls to return, do it while you walk. If you haven’t seen a friend or family member in a while, ask them to join you!
  • Stairs: No matter what, take the stairs! Skip the elevator and get some of your steps in while you can.
  • Walk the Dog: Dogs thrive on their exercise. It allows them to get out their built-up energy and stretch their legs. Just like we have to do! Skip the backyard run around and take them for a walk. That way you all can get some fresh air.
  • Park Further Away: Instead of circling the parking lot for what feels like hours looking for the perfect spot, park further back. You’ll have the walk inside and walk outside to get in some more steps for your daily limit.
  • Active Family Time: After your dinner with the family, gather up everyone and take a walk. It will help your food digest, clear everyone’s minds, and allow for a good night’s rest as well.
  • Pedometer: Treat yourself. By purchasing one of these you will be investing in your health keeping yourself accountable for tracking it each step along the way.

Even if you can’t schedule a specific amount of time daily there are a few ways to add walking to your routine. Try to incorporate these tips to get some steps in. Happy walking!

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