Pet-Friendly Bucket List

As humans, many of us have a bucket list. Why shouldn’t our fur-kids have one as well? Help them live their life to the fullest capability all while showing them just how much you enjoy spending this quality time with them. Whether it has traveling involved, going on a hike somewhere new, or having a playdate with a new fur friend! Let them expand on their daily activities with these animal-friendly bucket list ideas.


  • Hotel Stay

If you are an avid traveler, you know that some hotels do not offer the luxury of bringing your pet and if they do they have a mile-long list of restrictions. If you have a trip coming up or want to just take a long weekend away to wind down and relax, try to look up animal-friendly hotels so you can bring your fur-kid with you.


  • Pampered

Some animals don’t enjoy this one as much, but others enjoy it far too much! Set up a spa day for them. With all the add-ons! They will thank you for the fur trim, freshly trimmed nails, and bath when they are feeling brand new!


  • Road Trip

If you have an animal that enjoys car rides, strap them into the back/front seat and hit the road Jack! Map out a destination and places you can stop while on your way. Capture the moments with selfies at each rest stop or attraction that you visit!

  • Birthday Party

Some of the fondest memories people have are when they’re surrounded by the ones who love them on the day they were born. Your pet should feel the same way when it is their birthday! Gather up your friends and family, along with your pet’s fur friends, and throw an animal-friendly birthday bash to celebrate another year with your best friend.


  • Create a Piece of Art

Find some animal-friendly paint and go outside. Put globs of paint onto a paper plate or a tarp of some sort allowing your dog to step into it, coating his/her hooves, paws, or claws. Once they have enough paint on them, direct them over to a blank canvas and let them create a work of art that you will be able to cherish forever.

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