Easter Inspired Nail Art

Grab your pastels, spring colors, and get ready to put your art skills to the test! It’s time for Easter! Are you bored of doing the same nail color time and time again and need something different to your Easter outfit? Add some fun to your nails by adding in these simple, yet quick designs and ideas!

Simply Perfect:
This design is something that doesn’t involve much skill when it comes to design, but it is just as effective with catching someone’s eye! Start with a base coat of light pink or nude. Taking your choice of pastels, start at one side, swiping it over just enough to get the tip and the one corner!
Source: @cc_nailsx

Bunny Nails:
For this one, you’ll need pink nail polish, a black nail art pen for the eyes, a base coat, and a top-coat. It might be scary to look at it and think that the art is impossible to accomplish by yourself, but you can do it! The full tutorial can be found here: Bunny Nail Tutorial

Robin Egg:
Put down your base color(s) to start. Taking out your trusty black polish, you can use a toothpick the achieve the speckles or you could use the toothpick to pull the brush back and let it go, so the speckles can be placed sporadically and unplanned. Go over it with a top-coat and you’re ready to go.
Source: @pastelovepazurki

Putting down a base color with white, you can take your pastels or color of choice and dot it along your nail. Start with heavier, bigger dots towards your cuticle. As you move up spread them out and make them tinier.
Source: @youbeautynails

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