10 Rainy Day Activities to do with Kids

As we all know when spring comes along the thunderstorms follow. As the rain pours down, you sit there and wonder when the inevitable boredom will kick in. Except, you don’t have to wonder since we’ve compiled 10 rainy day activities to do while you wait for the sun to come back out!


  1. Science Experiments

Many experiments you find online can be done just by using items that can be found around your home! There’s so many different options to choice from! Rising water, DIY Rock Candy, or learn about Density Layers. The possibilities are endless and most won’t make too much of a mess!


  1. Scavenger Hunt

If you have toys scattered throughout the house, put them to good use instead of cleaning them up! Turn it into a scavenger hunt! There are many online printable checklists, but you can also write your own! Once the toy or object is found, it can then be put back where it belongs!


  1. Dance Party

The best way to get the ants out of your pants is to dance it off! Turn on YouTube or a music streaming app. Type in any kid friendly dance playlist or song and get to dancing! Show the kids how to do the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, or the Electric Boogie while they teach you how to do the Freeze Dance or The Floor Is Lava!


  1. Movie Marathon

Grab your favorite blankets and pillows. Lay them all out along with your favorite snacks and drinks. With hundreds of movies to choose from on Disney+, Netflix, or other streaming services let the kid(s) pick their top five favorite and spend the day sharing laughs with the characters!


  1. Bake

This one might seem scary if you are not a baker. It doesn’t have to scare you though! There are many recipes out there that are pretty simple and straight forward. Some only have a few ingredients like these Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bites. That’s not the only one either! There are tons to choose from when you search “Easy baking recipes for kids” in the search bar!


  1. Pillow Fort

Old faithful! There is never a wrong time to make a pillow fort. It will keep everyone busy while also allowing them (or yourself) a place where you can hideaway for the day. Bring in toys, books, or even the television and enjoy some time in your new hideaway!

  1. Balloon Keep Up

If you don’t have any balloons laying around, a quick trip to the dollar store will get you an entire bag of them! This is simple and fun for everyone! Blow up a balloon and you’re ready to go. Try to keep it in the air as long as possible. Once it hits the ground the game ends and it is time to restart.


  1. Virtual Field Trip

With the way the internet is set up these days, there is endless possibilities for what you can find and do. The biggest example of this is that you can do a virtual tour of certain places. National Parks, Art Museums, and even the Zoo.


  1. Bowling

If you don’t have any bowling pins or plastic bowling balls, use your imagination! Find some stuffed animals or some empty water bottles and set them up! You can use a crumpled piece of paper as the ball or any ball that might be around!


  1. Read

Gather up all the books! Find the book you most cherished when you were growing up and read them together! Whether it’s in your fort, on the couch, or on the porch as you listen to the rain! There’s nothing much better than sitting with the ones you cherish and sharing the fond memories of your favorite book with them! After, have them show you their favorite!

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