Women: Fictional and Real-life Superheroes

There’s much more wrapped up in superheroes, with or without capes. If you aren’t a superhero fan, you might not realize just how strong some of these fictional characters are. You also might not realize just how strong the real-life superheroes are either. Some wear capes, have powers and are immortal while others are you, average everyday women. Either one, fictional or real-life, will give you ever a reason to love that you are a woman and are capable of everything they are!




Scarlet Witch- Some would say that she is one of the most powerful characters in comics and on-screen. Her chaos magic makes it so she can change reality to suit her needs as she feels necessary. A strong woman with a troubled past proves that she doesn’t have to use her powers for bad. That is something that people tend to look up to.


Wonder Woman- A woman, warrior born and immortal. She is portrayed to be compassionate, caring, opinionated, competitive, outgoing, and stubborn. She solely focuses on giving love and support to those who need it most all while helping people reach their full potential. To top it all off, she’s a leader that inspires everyone around her.


Black Widow- A former Russian spy who is now a crucial hero alongside S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers. IN the comics, her powers are resistance to disease and aging, the ability to replace and suppress memories, and agility. In the films, she’s a master athlete who is highly skilled in martial arts, with a talent for psychological manipulation. Let’s not forget how she’s a natural-born leader.


Jessica Jones- With super strength and the ability to fly, Jessica Jones is also someone who doesn’t deal with nonsense. She’s a hard-drinking private detective, an Avenger, and even an old high school classmate of Spider-man. Yeah, she may be a little short-fused, but she’s also blunt, strong, and guarded. She also lives life for herself and no one else.





Florence Nightingale- Also called “Lady with the Lamp” had a huge impact on the 19th and 20th-century policies surrounding proper health care. Her writings, as a pioneer in the field of nursing, inspired worldwide health care reform. She and her team of nurses drastically improves the unsanitary conditions during the Crimean War which helped in sparing countless lives.



Misty Copeland- A highly acclaimed, stunning ballerina. She was the first African American performer to become a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. Not only did she embark on that journey, she also has a passion for giving back. She has worked with many organizations and is dedicated to working with and mentoring young girls and boys.


Harriet Tubman- She escaped slavery and became a leading abolitionist, leading hundreds of slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad. Let’s not forget she also dabbled in some spy work during the Civil War. She showed many people that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything no matter the risks.


Your Family Member- It could be your mother, grandmother, aunt, or your cousin. Whoever you have in your life that has protected you and guided you in whatever it is you do. Through the toughest times and the happiest, they will never leave your side. Your role model through and through growing up. Today, National Superhero Day, let them know just how much of a hero they are to you. It isn’t much, but I’m sure they would love to know just how much they have impacted your life.

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