National Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers are monumental people in a student’s life. They are there to ensure that our children are prepared for life as they grow up into adulthood. All while facing their own challenges. They deserve to feel appreciated for dedicating their lives to the students and caring for them during the hours that they are in school. Here are a few things you can do that can brighten up a teacher’s smile during the day!


  • A simple option would be to take a moment to tell them that you appreciate all that they do. Something as little as a few words can have a huge impact on their day. It’s not often that they get the recognition that they deserve!



  • A gift card. Talk with them for a few minutes, or throughout the year, to find out what they enjoy. You can even have your child keep an eye out for what they may eat or drink frequently.



  • A way to show that you appreciate a teacher more than just during this week is to know their birthday. Let your child bring in something they can all eat together as a class and sing happy birthday with them all. Or get them a special gift.



  • Lend them a helping hand if you can. Most schools will allow you to volunteer in the classrooms. Teachers can always use the extra help getting activities together or helping out with snack time. Elementary school teachers will especially appreciate this!



  • Be a supportive parent. When a parent listens to the suggestions the teacher sends out or steps up to provide additional help at home it makes the teacher’s job easier. By backing their decisions or suggestions, you are showing them you appreciate what they do and are willing to listen/help.


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