7 Tips for Closet Organization

There are constant discussions of things you can do in your life and routine to better your mental health and peace. It’s often discussed that you should organize your surroundings to allow yourself a clear space and, therefore, a clear mind. If you take the time to get your room to straighten out, and you will surely realize that you have got a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

 The first step towards getting your space in order is to organize your closet. Some of us might not have known what it looks like to have an organized and wholly ordered closet. Closet organization is also tricky because most of us don’t know a few tips to organize our closets easily and efficiently.

  1. Take Everything Out

Empty your closet, and we mean take everything out of it. This will help you understand your closet space and how to organize it. Once you have taken out all the clothes, clean the closet from top to bottom. You can use brooms, a duster, or a vacuum cleaner to clean it. A clean closet is the first step towards the organization.

  1. Categorization

Now you have taken all the clothes out, and you will know how many clothes you have. The next towards closet organization is to categorize all the clothing items. You can group them according to season or according to the wearing categories like tops, bottoms, loungewear, outerwear, etc. It will make the process easier for you. 

  1. Donation

Once you have decluttered your closet, you will realize how much junk you have collected over the years. There will be many clothing items that you don't use in your closet, and it is time for you to either donate those items or recycle them; the choice is yours. The aim is to reduce the burden on your closet by taking the extra items out of it.

  1. Organize the Closet

Now that you have completed the sorting process now you can organize your items in the closet. You should arrange your clothing according to categories like tops and bottoms, dress pants and jeans, t-shirts and button-downs. This will help you increase the space in your closet, and it will help you find your clothes in your wardrobe easily and efficiently.

  1. Use Eye Level Technique

Always keep the clothes you will use more on your eye level of the closet to easily find out whenever you need them.

  1. Use Hangers for Fancy Clothes

Always use hangers to hang your fancy clothes or sturdy ones because they will not stay fine within the storage bags. Hangers will not only organize the space but also keep the clothes in better shape.

  1. Use Hanging Organizers

You can find different types of organizers in the market. Organizers with plastic partitions are the best to use because of the space and the level of organization it offers. Hanging organizers are the best to use for your accessories like handbags, hats, and others. You can use a drawer organizer for your socks, loungewear, and others smaller items.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and get your closet organized. 

Let us know in the comments if there are any tips you use to keep your spaces organized!

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