Christmas Eve Activities

Christmas Eve is almost here! Christmas is a time to celebrate old traditions, and create new ones. If you are looking for some fun new traditions and activities this year, here are 5 Christmas Eve ideas for you and your family to try out!

Let us know what your traditions are, and what activities are your favorite. 

1. Cookie Decorating Competition

Here is a delicious game to play! Gather all of your family and decorate cookies together. For some competitive fun, have everyone vote on their favorite decorated cookie. Whichever cookie has the most votes, wins! But really, everyone is a winner because who doesn’t love indulging in cookies.   

2. Christmas Pajamas

Each year a family member can pick out the Christmas Pajamas! The person who picks will switch off each year, so each family member gets a chance to pick them out! Wear these on Christmas Eve so that everyone will be matching on Christmas morning.

3. Magical Reindeer Food

Sprinkling magic reindeer food outside will help Santa and his reindeer find all of the houses! Make some reindeer food together, and go outside to sprinkle it all over the front lawn. Here is what you will need to make your magical reindeer food:

Raw uncooked oats
Sugar cookie sprinkles
Plastic sandwich baggies

Directions: Pour 3-4 tablespoons of the oats into a plastic sandwich bag. Sprinkle in 1-2 tablespoons of the sprinkles. Close the baggies and shake them up. Sprinkle this magic food in your lawn, and the reindeers will know exactly where to go!

4.  Look at Christmas Lights

Another fun Christmas Eve activity is driving around and looking at Christmas lights! Make some delicious hot chocolate, hop in the car, play some Christmas music, and drive around to find the best decorated houses! You could also walk around your neighborhood and community and take in the beautiful lights.

5. Watch Christmas Movies

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, that is always as great as the first time they watched it. A fun Christmas Eve Activity is having a Christmas movie marathon where each family member gets to pick theirs out. Grab your hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket and get settled to watch some classic Christmas movies!

Have a happy and healthy holiday, and a happy new year! And don’t forget to share your favorite traditions with us!

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