6 Superfoods for Glowing Skin

Have you heard the old saying that “beauty starts from within”? Well, in the case of your skin it’s 100% true—which is one of the reasons Noche Skincare line is packed with vitamins and food-grade ingredients. 

What we eat has a direct effect on our skin and eating healthy foods rich in good fats, antioxidants, vitamin C, collagen, and amino acids can give you a fresh, glowing complexion. Here are six super-foods packed with nutrients that directly benefit your skin.

1. Avocados:
Avocados are rich in Omega 9 which helps keep skin hydrated and moisturized. 

2. Salmon:
Salmon is packed with Omega 3, a good fat that helps repair damaged skin and keep cell membranes healthy and hydrated.

Caviar is also rich in Omega 3 and regenerates tired skin when applied directly to the skin. The latest must have ingredient in moisturizer is now available here. 

3. Blueberries:
Blueberries are rich in skin loving antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight free radicals. Blueberries are also full of vitamin A, which helps normalize oil levels in your skin.

4. Lemon:
Not only are lemons packed with vitamin C, which helps us make collagen and elastin but it’s also one of the most alkalizing foods available which balances the whole body.

Get Vitamin C to your skin through an Age-Defying Vitamin C serum. 

5. Turmeric:
 Turmeric tackles inflammation in the skin naturally. Inflammation leads to puffy tired looking skin and wrinkles. Turmeric is used to flavor food or you can drink turmeric tea.

6. Kiwi:
Kiwi's are rich in protective antioxidants and vitamin c, which keep skin firm, help prevent wrinkles.

A perfect combination of nutrients for glowing skin. Did you know that kiwi seed oil is a main ingredient in Noche Age-Defying Vitamin C serum

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