3 Solutions to Women's Most Common Aging Complaints

Nobody likes aging, I think that if somebody found something to maintain our faces intact after 35 everyone would take it. Since nobody had found the secret recipe to do that all we can do is help each other to feel more comfortable with how we look and embrace our age! 

Here I will share some of the most common phrases I catch myself and my friends saying when talking about our skin. 

"My skin is sagging."

We always hear this one and step in front of the mirror to pull our skin back. Instead of just complaining there are some things we can do to improve this. First, it is important to understand why this happens. Our skin starts getting saggy because we stop producing as much collagen which takes care of keeping our skin tighten. Therefore, if we start noticing sagging skin we have to start thinking about what we can do to produce more collagen. 

Foods like beans, legumes, eggs, and greek yogurt are rich in protein which helps with collagen production. If you don't want to change your diet too much there are many facial creams that you can use to improve how your saggy skin looks. 

Some of the ingredients you should be looking for in skincare products that help sagging skin seem better are the following:

1. Retinol: Also known as Vitamin A is the most efficient ingredient to help aging skin.

2. Lactic Acid: This is a gentle chemical exfoliator that helps maintain your skin hydrated and collagen production high. 

"Urgh Age Spots"

This might be one of the aging symptoms that give away my age the most. I got them because of constant sunlight exposure. The spots are a conglomeration of melanin that either sticks together or is produced in high concentrations.

Foods that are high on vitamin C tend to be the main recommendation for these age spots, but topical creams are much more effective than just changing your diet once you already got them. 

Some of the ingredients I look for in my creams to improve these spots are of course vitamin C and retinol. I also look for other less common ingredients like azelaic acid and kojic acid which are used to control the production of melanin (what causes the spots) and make skin look brighter. 

"My skin looks dull and blah."

Having dull skin is something that I have struggled with I was younger, so this is something that we can't just attribute to age. This also happens because of stress, accumulation of dead skin or even using the wrong skincare products. 

Having a balanced diet and avoiding bad habits like smoking does make a significant difference. Drinking water and exercising are some habits that you can add to your routine to improve the dullness but also think about looking for the following ingredients on your next skincare shopping (don't get scared with the names)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids or better know as (AHA): These are a chemical exfoliator that removes any sign of dead skin taking away the dullness. These exfoliators are also great for sensitive skin that gets too irritated when using mechanical exfoliators (the ones with texture)

Vitamin C: I know I have talked about Vitamin C all over to solve everything, and although by itself it might not solve every single problem it helps. Vitamin C helps prevent free radicals from the environment's contamination that can cause dullness and take away the healthy shine of the skin. 

Although all of these tips can help you look better on the outside, what really matters is how you feel on the inside. The best beauty tip I can give you is to love yourself the way you are and push yourself to be better every day, but never forget to enjoy the process and embrace what you have and who you are!

- Ava-Ann

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