Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall and Halloween

This is not a drill; fall is officially in town, and it’s here to stay (for a while, at least). That’s right, your last look at summer is dwindling in your rearview mirror. This calls for a grand welcome to autumn and all of its earthly delights. By extension, naturally the invitation comes with a plus one:  Halloween and its unearthly delights.

 How do we welcome the onset of a brand new season? We show off our spirit wherever we can! On our front stoops, in our yards, indoors on our walls and countertops. Wherever you can inject a little fall spirit, there’s just the thing to put there.

 Here’s some simple, cheap, and easy ways to decorate for this cozy (yet spooky!) time of year.

 Painted Mini Pumpkins

It seems like you can’t turn your head without seeing a mini pumpkin around this time of year! Available practically anywhere, you can get them super cheap at your local supermarket. They look cute on their own, but painting them adds a personal touch. Also, they come in a wide variety of sizes, which can lend itself to decorating indoors as well as outdoors.

 Hay Bales

A classic rustic look, a hay bale on your front stoop looks welcoming and festive. Get a couple for cheap at your local agricultural supply store or hardware store. Top these off with a welcome sign, a few pumpkins, or a mini chalkboard to add another homey touch.

 DIY Witch’s Brooms

To really get that Halloween spirit up, go for some classic imagery in a witch’s broom. Making it extra DIY by following this how-to adds a spooky, authentic touch.

 What you’ll need:

  • Tree limb, you can use a bamboo stick, or a dowel with a wider circumference
  • Twine or rope
  • Tall cut grass, dead weeds, store bought dried grass

See website for assembly video/more details. Design by Sara of Twelve on Main, DIY Witches Broom

Pool Noodle Witch Legs

This easy DIY decoration is sure to get a laugh from passersby when they look at your front stoop. Plus, you finally have a use for those old pool noodles that have been collecting dust


  1. Cut a pool noodle in half and pull a dollar store sock onto each noodle.
  2. Glue a witch's shoe to the foot end of each sock. (I found these ones at the dollar store.)
  3. Put some floral foam in the bottom of a "dollar store caldron", and then stick two wooden skewers or dowels into the foam.
  4. Stick the open end of the pool noodles over the dowels.
  5. Use tissue paper to hide the foam.
  6. Add a dollar store sign (if desired).

 See website for images/more details. Design by Gina of East Coast Mommy, Pool Noodle Witch Legs

 Front Door Balloon Spiders

No one will have to question whether or not your household has the Halloween spirit with this front door spectacle.


  • Make the body: Blow up one large black balloon for the body and one smaller black balloon for the head. Tie the two balloon knots together to form the spider.
  • Make the legs: Wrap eight lengths of unfurled wire hanger or 12-gauge craft wire with black faux fur, holding in place with hot-glue. Twist ends of four lengths together, creating bundles of legs. Repeat with remaining four lengths.
  • Assemble the spider: Wrap a black pipe cleaner around twisted ends of leg bundles. Wrap pipe cleaner around “neck” of spider where balloons are tied together. Wrap fishing wire around leg to hang.

Add some fake cobwebs and you’ll have quite the display.

See website for images/more details. Design by Evin Krehbiel on, Balloon Spiders

Happy decorating! May your creativity and your fall exuberance flow!

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