5 Wine Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like a Connoisseur

Let’s face it, it was a long week, and we are all tired, and tonight, we probably are all looking for a way to relax. 

What better way than making a great excuse to enjoy a few glasses of wine? 

Today, we share some wine tips that’ll have you looking and sounding like a wine connoisseur.


1. Hold Your Glass by the Stem or Base

This is something that you’ve probably seen in movies or at a winery, but it’s something that all the wine pros do.

It may seem silly, but there’s a reason for it. It’s all about the temperature of your wine, and it’s a big deal when it comes to tasting the wine.

But there is a slight bit of snobbery to the practice as it’s also a little secret handshake with the wine connoisseurs. 


2. Words You can Describe Your Wine With

Even if you aren’t exactly sure how to describe that earthy, nutty, laser-like red wine, there are things you can say that will make you seem like you know what you’re talking about.

One of the safest options to say about wine is “interesting.” The super-simple thing is that you can continue the action by swirling and sniffing your wine to seem like you are trying to decide if the wine is more oaked or toasty. 

Otherwise, you can have a handful of descriptive words that aren’t directly talking about the taste, such as expressive, vibrant, exuberant, flashy.

This will help you fit right in. 


3. Spitting is Classy with Wine

Growing up, your parents taught you that spitting isn’t classy or very lady-like, but that was likely before you could drink wine. 

In wine drinking, this is a widespread practice but also a peculiar one. 

When going to a wine tasting, this practice is often used most. If you are going through multiple bottles of wine, it’s a great way to taste the wine and focus on the tasting while also keeping you a bit soberer.

However, you can always practice that tip another night!


4. High Alcohol Content Wines are “Hot”

Instead of saying that the alcohol content is higher in wine because that’s not clever enough, people will say it’s hot. 

People got this from the effects of the alcohol going down your throat and slightly burning your throat as you are drinking it. 

Wine has a very high range of alcohol. It starts at around 5% and can reach as high as 24%.


5. Clinking Your Glasses is Good Practice

Clinking is a tradition in wine drinking, and there are plenty of theories of where this tradition originated, but no one truly knows where it came from. 

However, this is something that you should be practicing while drinking with friends or acquaintances. And it’s proper manners to be looking your toasting partner in the eye as well. 

What is your favorite wine? Do you have any other wine tips that help you seem like a wine professional? Let us know in the comments!

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