St Patrick’s Day Activities

A fun fact about Ireland: St Patrick’s Day was never a big deal up until 20 years ago. The celebrated holiday was invented by ex-patriots who were looking for an excuse to celebrate their Irish roots. In the USA, there’s a huge amount of Irish who emigrated and never returned to their homeland. In Ireland they never drink green beer, wear ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ shirts, or dye their foods green. While the Irish are known to be big drinkers, here’s a list of other things you can do to celebrate the day.


  1. Make Soda Bread


Ireland has a unique climate which means it is only suitable to grow soft wheat. The soft wheat flour was better for a quick bread rather than hard wheat flour that is found in yeasted bread. Even though this bread is famously attributed to Ireland, it was originally created by Native Americans. This simple, affordable bread was the solution to many food problems in Ireland during the time it was discovered and replicated.


For the recipe visit here: Simply Recipes Soda Bread


  1. Green Slime


If you have younger kids or grandkids than you know how big of a hit Slime is right now. Even though it can be a mess to play with, it can be a fun activity! All you need is some school glue, green food coloring, your choice of additive (glitter, confetti, beads), baking soda, and saline solution.


For instructions visit: 3 Ingredient Slime



  1. Ireland Based Films


With different options of streaming now available from the comfort of your home, grab a bowl of popcorn or your favorite snacks and have a movie marathon! Whether it’s comedy, romantic comedy, horror, or action! There’s a movie for any genre out there!


25 Movies:  St Patricks Day Movie Marathon



  1. Listen to Irish Poetry


Some of the history’s most renowned poets were born in Ireland. Most poems you can find for free anywhere on the internet. Seamus Heaney, W.B Yeats, and Samuel Beckett can be found right on Spotify.


  1. Search for Four-Leaf Clovers


A core memory as a child was always looking for the lucky four-leaf clovers in the yard as I was playing. Who says we have to stop doing that when we are older? Go outside, enjoy some fresh air, and go hunting for that lucky clover.

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  • Super cute ideas.
    I love St Patty’s Day.
    One of my Grandsons’s will be 18 this year.

    Tamara Teal

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