Top 3 Christmas Party Games

Picture this: you just ate dinner, the presents have all been opened, and you're not sure what to do next. Finish your night off with some laughter, joy, and fun games!

Here are my top 3 Christmas party games for you to try this year!

1. Plastic Wrap Game

This is a game for kids and adults of all ages. All you need is some plastic wrap and two dice!

Wrap a bunch of small gifts in plastic wrap until it is a decent-sized ball. Use the dice to roll. If you roll doubles, you unroll the ball until someone else gets doubles. If you roll 7-11, the direction of the dice reverses. If you get any other number, you pass the ball to the next person.

There are different rules and ways you can play but an idea of how to play (with added-on bonus game material, like coal cards) can be found here: The Savvy Sparrow.

2. Do You Hear What I Hear?

Fill empty boxes with a different number of bells. Have the guests try to arrange the boxes from most bells to least bells and guess the number of bells in each. The winner gets an extra present/prize.

3. Oven Mitt Unwrap 

For this game, you can wrap empty boxes or actual gifts. Players take turns wearing oven mitts and trying to open the box while the player to their right rolls 2 dice. When the dice-rolling player rolls doubles, the box is then given to that player and the dice are given to the player to their right. Play continues until the gift is finally open!

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