What Is My Super Power?

Hello, Beautiful!

If you didn't know that you have a super power, well then, SURPRISE!

Everyone has a super power.

No, I don't mean the ability to fly, see through walls, or predict the future, but I do mean a real power that makes you feel empowered and unique.

How do you find you super power? Well, that's actually pretty simple. 

I want you to ask yourself this question: "What is something that I am a master of that makes me feel empowered?"

In example, whenever I hear that someone has found amazing results with Noche, I feel so proud knowing that I helped that individual to find an effective skincare routine that is going to make them feel more confident. So, I would say that my super power is "helping others."

Now, if you're wondering if you can have more than one super power--the answer is yes!

However, try to zoom in on that one super power that really matters in your life. 

Do you have amazing powers of organization?

Can you bake cookies that turn someone's frown upside down?

Are you "super-nana" that helps out with all of the grand-babies?

What is your super-power, beautiful?

Once you have found your super-power, ask yourself how you can use that super-power more throughout the week so that you feel empowered and unique.

For me, I am constantly working to help women find the best skincare routine by sharing testimonials and success stories, but for you, maybe you could make baking for your office on Friday a new practice. This might help you to end the week on a positive note.

Additionally, you know I love sticky notes--so if you need to be reminded that you are unique and have super-powers, write your super power down on a sticky note!

You are absolutely incredible, and I don't want you to forget that!

Let me know what your super power is in the comments below, and have a fabulous, rewarding week!


  • I love doing embroidery work. My machine does wonders

    Janice Spradlin
  • Loved this product when I used it in the past.

  • I just love the way my skin feels and looks. The orange smell is intoxicating!

    Rae Harward

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