A Glass of Red Wine a Day...

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Red wine offers many health-boosting benefits to the body and mind. What’s better than unwinding with a nice glass of your favorite red wine while relaxing with your family or friends?

I certainly enjoy a glass with dinner, so I want to share some of the top reasons why it's okay to enjoy a glass or red wine - as long as you're over 21 - at the end of the day.

Heart Health 
The ethanol in red wine plays a large role in metabolizing glucose. This helps to protect against heart disease and lowers your risk of heart attacks.

Better Sleep
Sleep has such an important role in our health! The seeds and skin of grapes have melatonin in them, so drinking a glass before bed will help make you sleepier. Nighty, night!
Immune Support
Red wine contains flavonoids, found in plants, which help to fight viruses. You can help to reduce your risk of catching a cold by sipping on a soothing glass filled with antioxidants.

Weight Loss Properties
Think about red wine before you choose to cut out alcohol in hopes of losing weight. Ellagic acid, found in veggies and fruits, can help to slow down the process of growing fat cells.

Cognitive Memory Support
Studies have found that regular red wine drinkers have lower risks of getting dementia. Resveratol is the key benefit found in grapes, which can help to improve cognitive memory.

Promotes Longevity
A healthy life is a happy life, right? Well, drinking a tasty glass of red wine daily may increase your life span by acting as an anti-aging agent. Not sure about you, but if a magical glass of wine was in front of me to increase my health…bottoms up!

Let's toast to your health with a glass of wine to unwind and find the joy in each day!

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