Planting For A Bug-Free Garden

If you love spending time outdoors, you can probably feel the grill-outs and relaxing pool days that are close at hand! However, if there is one thing that can put a damper on your outdoor activities--it is bugs.

Whether it be mosquitoes, pesky flies, or aphids munching down on your spring garden, chances are you want them to stay away.

Luckily, there are 10 plants that you can add to your garden to keep it bug-free!

      1. Mint

    Not only is this a lovely garnish for a fresh glass of lemonade, but it also helps to keep away mosquitoes.

    2. Lavender

      Lavender is often found to be fragrant and relaxing, but mosquitoes and gnats are repelled by the smell.

      1. Lemongrass

      A nice touch to add indoors and outdoors. Lemongrass provides the oil that is used as the main ingredient in citronella.

      1. Marigolds

      Known for their unique scent, Marigolds can chase away many types of bugs. These bugs include aphids, mosquitoes, lice, and sometimes, even Peter Cottontail!

      1. Basil

      Basil repels both flies and mosquitoes. It is also a great addition when you’re cooking.

      1. Garlic

      While Garlic may not be the best thing to eat on a first date, garlic has a strong scent and is great for the repulsion of many bugs.

      1. Rosemary

      Even cuttings of Rosemary act as a deterrent for mosquitoes and flies. Plus, Rosemary is another great herb to try out in the kitchen.

      1. Chrysanthemums

      A superstar of the plant world, Chrysanthemums help to keep away ants, roaches, ticks, and lice.

      1. Petunias

      Petunias offer bright pops of purple, yellow, pink, and white to your garden. In addition to their beauty, these perennials also repel beetles and other bugs.

      1. Bay Leaves

      Bay leaves not only keep away flying pests but can also help to repel roaches.

      Whether your pests are creepy crawlies or freaky fliers, you deserve a summer of sun and fun without bugs. With these plant additions, you can say farewell to the flies and part with the pests!

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