5 Ways to Shift Your Perspective and Become More Positive

A lot is happening globally, leading many of us to be in a bit of a funk. It can make it challenging to be able to control our perspectives during difficult times.

When trying to shift your perspective, it’s essential to ask yourself some questions. These questions can include, “what’s making me feel this way?” “Is it the news/media that I’m over-consuming?” “Am I letting my past dictate how I’m now feeling?”

By asking yourself these questions, you'll have a better understanding of what factors are impacting your emotions and your mindset. 

Sometimes we need a little extra help in resetting our thought patterns, and that’s normal. Here are some tips and tricks to keep yourself mindful, grateful, and positive. 

Acknowledge Temporary Things
There is a lot in life that we cannot control. Thankfully, most of these uncontrollable things are temporary. Think back to a time that was inconvenient and made you frustrated. Maybe you had a flat tire and were late to work- now that’s no longer a pain you have to deal with. Perhaps an acquaintance tends to say hurtful things to you. You can limit how much of your time you are giving to that person. 

While you cannot change others’ attitudes and behaviors, you can control how you perceive the situation; you can also limit the time spent around those who create or add toxicity to your life. 

Surround Yourself with Examples of the Perspective You Want
Sometimes when you are just starting to change your perspective, it’s vital to surround yourself with people that share the similar view you want. That could be by spending time with more positive people, or that could also mean keeping reminders around you. 

Try having reminders throughout the day that will remind you to think intentionally, take a moment or two to do some intentional breathing, or practice gratitude. 

Practice Gratitude Everyday
Take ten minutes every night to reflect on three things that didn’t go the way that you expected. Then consider those things; what will matter in 72 hours? Then, think of three things that made you happy or smile today. 

Some days it’s going to be easier than others to think of things that made you smile. But as you practice more and more, you’ll be able to.

Manage Your Expectations
Often when we get incredibly excited over events or things in the future, it can bum us out when there isn’t follow-through, or it didn’t quite meet expectations. While it's good to be excited about things, you also don't want to make unrealistic expectations that will disappoint you. 

Try staying in the present during these events, enjoying the good things, and not focusing on what didn't occur.  

Write Down Negative Thoughts
Sometimes, when stuck in a place of being upset or frustrated and we cannot shake it, the best thing to do is writing out all our thoughts into a  journal that allows for a release. 

Often, when you allow yourself to let go of everything in your brain and see it, it can be therapeutic. It will enable you to distance yourself from these events, and then after, you can burn it or throw it away, whatever best helps you move past the negativity. 

The shift of your perspective won’t be something that happens overnight; it takes a lot of intentional practice. We are influential individuals, and we can make changes to our attitudes.


  • Thank you for your positivity. I feel you genuinely care about your guests and try to be uplifting and fresh in your Emails. Much like your beautiful Caviar
    Products. 🥂🍾💎

    MIa Robinson
  • I’d like to share this with a friend of mine who is going through a rough time “health wise” right now. This lifted my sprits ,I think it might help her
    Thank you!💕

    Peg Duddy

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