Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Today is World Mental Health Day, Beautiful.

In recognition of this day, I want to share an activity with you that may help you to identify some items in your home that might bring you comfort on a day you need it the most.

To do this, the instructions are simple.

Find the items on the list below. If you'd like to share your choices, send in an email to with a picture of your items. Then, once you have completed this activity, you may use code "NOCHELOVE5" to take $5 off your entire order now through Sunday night.

Items To Find:

  • Something that makes you smile 
  • An outfit that makes you feel confident
  • Your favorite "feel-good" book
  • Something someone has given you that made you feel appreciated
  • An item that makes you feel comforted and cozy (blanket, sweater, etc.)
  • A piece of paper with the title of your favorite motivational song written on it
  • Anything else you'd like to identify that brings you joy

This activity might help you to identify some gems of joy that you have in your home.

Share this activity with a friend, daughter, or sister today, to remind them to look for joy. Of course, you should also feel free to share other mental health resources with women who may need more support.

I hope you enjoy this activity and that it brings you some joy today.

Don't forget, in honor of World Mental Health Day, if Noche helps you to feel more confident, or you just love our products, you can take $5 off your entire order this weekend with code "NOCHELOVE5".

Noche appreciates you, Beautiful!

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  • That was a nice, uplifting activity to do on a Saturday afternoon! I enjoyed it, it did bring me joy.
    Made me listen to one of my uplifting songs~~ I Am Woman.

    Kathy Brydon

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