Note To Self: You Are Perfect

Hello, Beautiful!

Have you ever written more than a note to yourself, but a full letter to yourself?

Well, today is the perfect day to try it out.

Sometimes Mondays can bring a bit of anxiety when thinking ahead to all of the items that are on your to-do list.

I want you to think about your to-do list this week, last week, and some items that have been on your to-do list this year.

Now, I want you to think about everything you have accomplished so far. Whether it's as big as starting your own company, having a baby, or even something small such as finally rearranging the kitchen.

You have accomplished so many things this year, (during a pandemic!) and that means you are absolutely awesome.

Now, there may be some things you haven't gotten to yet. Maybe there are some items for this week you are just now starting to work on. This is what you are writing the letter about!

I want you to write a letter encouraging yourself to check off all of the boxes on your list, reminding yourself of the boxes that you have already checked off, and then I want you hold onto this letter.

This isn't meant for anyone else's eyes but yours. If you are needing some more motivation on Wednesday, and a reminder that yes, you are perfect as you are, then read your letter again.

This exercise is meant to help you focus on your goals and remind yourself that you are more than capable of achieving them.

You've got this, beautiful!

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